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Retreat? NO. I propose to attack at daylight and whip them. - Ulysses S. Grant, to Col McPherson, Shiloh, 1862

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Meeting Time: Second Wednesday of each month.
Place: Divine Coffee Shop in the Northlake Shopping Center, located at 10233 East Northwest Highway, Suite 434.  This is on the northeast corner of Ferndale Road and Northwest Highway.
6:00 Dinner-7:00 Program

This page is designed to provide our speakers with helpful information regarding the Civil War Round Table of Dallas. Below you will find information on our group, newsletter and website, directions to our meeting location, emergency phone numbers, and meeting guidelines.

We are the Civil War Round Table of Dallas

We are a very friendly group of Civil War history enthusiasts who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We have held more than 265 meetings over 25 years and are still going strong. Our membership is unique in that we count among our members nationally known historians including Jack Waugh, Dr. Steven Woodworth, Dr. Glenn Linden and Scott Bowden. Our average attendance runs between 40-60 persons.

Meeting Format

We love our speakers!

Our meeting format is designed to give maximum time to the speaker with a minimum of announcements. The typical presentation begins at 7:00pm and runs about 50 minutes. A 10 to 15 minute question-answer time is held after the presentation. We encourage authors to bring copies of their books for sale to interested members.

Please try to arrive just before 6:00pm. That will give you time to relax and enjoy your meal prior to the presentation.

Contact Information

Your primary contact for the CWRT Dallas is Pax Glenn and he may be reached at 214-766-6230. The secondary contact is Gerry York at 214-559-2452. Ken Cochran handles the newsletter and website and can be reached at 214-450-7672.

Emergency Contact Information

If you are detained and will arrive later than 6:00pm and you need to contact someone on the evening of the meeting, one of the following three people will have their cell phone with them.

Pax Glenn: 214-766-6230
Gerry York: 214-704-9047
Ken Cochran: 214-450-7672

Newsletter and Website

We need some information.

The CWRT Dallas maintains a website at www.cwrtdallas.org and distributes a monthly newsletter to its members. The front page of the newsletter is devoted to the speaker and presentation information.

Newsletter and Website Content

There is room for about 300-400 words of content on the front page of the newsletter. The content is split between the speaker's bio and presentation information. The same content is used for the Upcoming Program Detail on the website. Please email the information to Ken Cochran.

Speaker Links

As a service to our members, each month a speaker's personal page is added to the CWRT Dallas website. It is linked from the Links page. If you have a personal web page, interesting Civil War links or links to your books or publications we will be glad to link to them from the CWRT Dallas website.


Content for the newsletter must be received about 8 weeks prior to your presentation. This allows us to update the website with all your information 4 weeks prior to your visit.

The Civil War Round Table of Dallas proudly supports the Civil War battlefield preservation efforts of CWPT. To learn more, please contact CWPT at
or visit their website at
Civil War Preservation Trust
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